DNA TV Show: Mother reunites with lost son after 7 years, know heartbreaking tale of separation

DNA TV Show: Mother reunites with lost son after 7 years, know heartbreaking tale of separation

Know the story of this mother-son reunion who were separated for 7 years after the son boarded a train while playing.

The most unbreakable and truest relationship in this world is the relationship between mother and son and the person who reunites a mother with her son is an angel. ASI Rajesh Singh was posted in the Human Trafficking Department of Haryana Police for this mother, she is no less than an angel because Rajesh Singh has introduced this woman to his son.

This woman, a resident of Rewari, Haryana, has suffered the pain of separation from her son for the last 7 years. This mother’s eyes were filled with tears while waiting for her son. She had even given up hope that Perhaps her son would never return but then nature did a miracle and reunited the mother with her son.

ASI Rajesh Singh came in the form of an angel and reunited Laxman with his mother. This painful story of the separation of a mother from her son started 7 years ago. Laxman, a resident of a village in Rewari, boarded a train while playing at the nearby railway station and reached Ghaziabad. At that time Laxman did not even remember where his home was. He was wandering here and there abandoned. 

He was also only 6 or 7 years old at that time. After learning the child was abandoned, the Ghaziabad police took him under the protection of the children’s orphanage Gharaunda.

Laxman stayed here till the age of 10 after this, he was taken to another orphanage, Salaam Balak, where children above the age of 10 years were taken care of. 

The children are kept in Rewari. The family, on the other hand, lodged the missing report of son Laxman with the police. The police department started investigating to find the missing Laxman. Human Trafficking Department of Haryana Police Posted in assigned to Assistant Sub Inspector Rajesh Singh.

Rajesh Singh started tracing the child on the basis of the identity entered in the child’s description, matching cases were investigated. Meanwhile, 3 months passed but Assistant Sub Inspector Rajesh Singh continued the search. Finally, the hard work paid off and Rajesh Singh found Laxman.

Laxman’s family had given up hope of meeting him but when Laxman was handed over to them, their happiness knew no bounds after meeting her son, the mother’s tears were not stopping. All this has been possible only because of the hard work of Sub Inspector Rajesh Singh of Haryana Police. He has so far reunited more than 750 children with their families and every mother is praying to him for this noble work.

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