Morocco Ambassador Maliki welcomes India’s offer of assistance after deadly earthquake

Morocco Ambassador Maliki welcomes India’s offer of assistance after deadly earthquake

Morocco’s ambassador to India, Mohammed Maliki, has expressed gratitude for India’s generous offer of assistance in the wake of a devastating earthquake that struck his homeland last Friday. Speaking to WION, Ambassador Maliki stated, “India proposed graciously to offer its assistance to Morocco. This gesture was and is very much appreciated and at its real value here in Morocco.”

Reflecting the sentiments of his fellow Moroccans, Ambassador Maliki emphasised that New Delhi’s assistance “reflects the friendship and cooperation that happily exist between the two friendly countries. Morocco is truly appreciative of the outpouring of solidarity shown since the first hours after this natural calamity struck the country, especially from India.”

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Morocco, a North African nation, was shaken by a powerful 6.8 magnitude earthquake on Friday, leading to tragic consequences. Early estimates indicate that over 2500 lives have been lost in the disaster.

At the commencement of the G20 summit in Delhi on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi of India extended his condolences for the earthquake, stating, “I wish to convey my deepest sympathies to the individuals impacted by the recent earthquake in Morocco. Our thoughts and prayers are with those injured, and we fervently hope for their swift recovery. Morocco has the unwavering support of the global community during this challenging period, and we stand prepared to extend any and all feasible assistance to them.”

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Ambassador Maliki also provided a firsthand assessment of the situation, explaining, “On the ground level, the competent Authorities and different stakeholders have been doing tremendous effort and are evaluating the needs. The utmost priority is certainly to save lives, then to repair roads to ease accessibility to and from the affected areas, which are mostly located in the mountainous regions. Morocco has a great capacity to face this kind of natural catastrophe.”

He further highlighted that, “However, assistance from the brotherly and friendly countries will be asked when and where it is needed. In fact, many brotherly and friendly countries like India have expressed their readiness to offer their help at the request of the Moroccan competent Authorities.”

India’s offer of assistance to Morocco comes after the country extended help to Turkey and Syria earlier this year in the aftermath of earthquakes, marking the first time India had provided assistance to countries beyond its extended neighborhood.

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